About AutonomousTech

The technological and social challenges of the automotive revolution have created a great opportunity for the Israeli industry. Israel has gained a leadership position in several technological developments in this field: sensors, AI, navigation, communications and cybersecurity. 

According to the Israel Innovation Authority, some 500 companies in Israel are currently engaged in smart transportation fields, such as travel sharing, communication, sensors and control systems. Israel accounted for about 4% of the global auto-tech deal share in 2016, the third largest worldwide after the US (68%) and Canada (7%), according to the CB Insights Report.
The Autonomous Tech Conference is a unique opportunity to interact, learn, cooperate and share knowledge between Israel's fast-growing industry and the industry from South Korea, the US, France, Germany and all over the world!

Come and see for yourself why the most significant global companies and investors have already focused their attention on the great potential that lies in Israel’s technological leadership.