Program Scope

AutonomousTech is dedicated to providing professionals in the self-driving car industry with the latest developments in a market undergoing rapid growth and innovation.

This unique conference - attracting a multidisciplinary powerhouse of top industry scientists, researchers, engineers and key stakeholders - provides an exciting platform to showcase the most cutting-edge advances and trends in autonomous driving, while assessing the remaining obstacles and potential solutions needed to spur the progress of autonomous driving.

There are still significant gaps in technology safety and regulatory compliance holding back the implementation of autonomous driving in commercial vehicles, public transportation and private cars.

AutonomousTech will tackle these issues by digging into the most advanced technologies impacting the spectacular growth in the self-driving field: advanced sensors, machine learning, computer vision, artificial intelligence, smart cities and much more. It will provide a productive ecosystem for hardware and software engineers, algorithm developers and researchers to collaborate on important safety and regulatory solutions to move closer to a realistic commercial product.

We will be bringing together industry experts, along with dynamic entrepreneurs, thought leaders, developers and engineers from all over the world to meet in Tel Aviv to discuss and debate the full range of commercial and technological issues, ongoing trends and next-generation applications.

The conference, comprised of parallel and plenary sessions, will host keynote speakers from Israel and around the world to share knowledge and enable cooperation between developers and engineers. 

Prof. Amnon Shashua, CEO & CTO of Mobileye and Senior Vice President of Intel Corporation and the chairperson of AutonomousTech, will give the opening keynote of the event on October 31st, 2018.

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